Roof Mounting System


Single bracket for mounting the cylinder and frames in a vertical or horizontal surface. Bracket made ​​of galvanized steel with stainless steel screws. Specially formulated for easy assemble.

Bracket Technical Characteristics

  • Single-cylinder support panels
  • Construction of galvanized steel
  • Easy to assemble

Collectors Stand

SD-B2035 SD-B1535
Collector Type TH.S.P-2.4-Φ15 TH.S.P-1.4-Φ15
Collector Type TH.S.P-2.4-Φ8 TH.S.P-1.4-Φ8
Collector Type TH.S.P-1.9-Φ15
Collector Type TH.S.P-1.9-Φ8

Type h [mm] D [mm] x[mm] B [mm] B1 [mm] B2 [mm] α[deg] Position 1 α[deg] Position 2
SD-B2035 995 1660 1074 2035 2000 1665 31.6 28.7
SD-B1535 995 1660 1074 1535 1500 1165 46.1 39.8

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