The cylinder role in a system is important. It is used to store hot water produced by solar panels or other energy sources (boiler, electrical resistance) that is converted to heat.

All cylinders “BL-S”, “BL-SW”, “BL-DW”, and “BL-ER” bear the CE marking that certifies and guarantees their safe use.

The construction of the cylinders is composed of pure deoxidised copper foil

bonded robotic technology.

For internal insulation ecological polyurethane insulation thermal conductivity k = 0,023 w / mk, density p = 40kg / m³ are used, and resistance to fire class: B3, which ensures heat retention even at very low temperatures.

The cylinder casing is made of stainless steel or pre-painted galvanised steel to protect the insulation and longevity of the internal tank of hot water.

Monophonic electrical resistance (elements) 3kw is used on the cylinders. In case of insufficient sunshine it is possible to use more than one electrical resistance (elements).

It is possible to place coil on the cylinders for the circulation of thermal fluid from the boiler of the central heating or solar system. Where necessary a second coil is used on the same cylinder.

During the construction of the cylinder, hydraulic pressure control is made on the 10 atmospheres (bar).

All types of cylinders “BL-S”, “BL-SW”, “BL-DW”, and “BL-ER” bear a warranty.

Cylinder Technical Characteristics

  • Ability to save 22L-29L-36L-44L-51L water
  • Construction of pure deoxidized copper foil (Cu-DHP) thickness 1,5[±0,1]mm
  • Cylinder cup thickness 1,5[±0,1]mm of pure deoxidized copper (Cu-DHP)
  • Stainless steel housing or pre-coated galvanized steel
  • Internal ecological polyurethane insulation thermal conductivity λ=0,023W/mK , density p = 40kg/m3, and resistance to fire class: B3
  • Electrical resistance (element) 3kW
  • Coil connection to central heating

22L-29L-36L-44L-51L Small Boiler

Type/Dimension LC(mm) LB(mm) Water Volume (Lt) Cylinder Thickness(mm) Cylinder Cup Thickness (mm)
BL-S-22L 200 470 22 1.5[+0.1] 1.5[+0.1]
BL-S-29L 300 570 29 1.5[+0.1] 1.5[+0.1]
BL-S-36L 400 670 36 1.5[+0.1] 1.5[+0.1]
BL-S-44L 500 770 44 1.5[+0.1] 1.5[+0.1]
BL-S-51L 600 870 51 1.5[+0.1] 1.5[+0.1]

Technical Specification

Casing Pre-coated Galvanized steel / stainless steel QCD-FIN-F14/V-5
Cylinder Copper CU-DHP (CW024A) / EN1652
Cylinder Cup Copper CU-DHP (CW024A) / EN1652
Insulation Polyurethane (λ=0 023W/mK | ρ=40kg/m³ | reaction to fire: class B3) DIN 52612
Heating Element BS699 / BS1566 / BS3198 /BS6141
Element Protection Cup Galvanized sheet metal QCD-FIN-F14/V-5
Weldments MIG L-CUP7 DIN EN CP202
1 Copper CU-DHP (CW024A) / EN1652/EN1057
2 Copper CU-DHP (CW024A) / EN1652/EN1057 Safety Valve 5 Bar E-30-20061-0797/23/EC

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