Thylen Solar Systems

Thylen Solar Systems ( brand name ¨ΘΗλΕΝ¨), based in Cyprus which boasts the world’s largest per-capital solar energy per sqm coverage. Our geographical positioning makes us an attractive partner in the field of Solar Thermal Systems with links to South Eastern, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Thylen was created in 1983 and in 1988 evolved one of its current owners Mr. Antonis Antoniou and in 2003 the other owner Mr. Charalambos Christou.

Thylen is the result of successful performance by Mr. Andreas Hadjierakleous in the construction of solar systems starting in 1968.

In 2004 Mr. Andreas Hadjierakleous , retires from active duty and  Antoniou & Christou Solar Systems Ltd Company is founded .

The long success story of Thylen and continuous investment in high technology have raised quality standards. This resulted in the expansion of the company’s operations across the island.


Solar Construction - 52 Years
Branded- 36 years
Company Founded - 15 years
EU Qualified - 11 years


The privately-owned industrial site meets all the requirements of a modern plant solar systems.

The 2015 certified Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001.

Furthermore in 2011 Thylen became the first company in Cyprus which acquired certificate Solar Keymark (EN12975: 2006) for a family of panels.

The build quality, modern production equipment, highly trained staff and international certifications provide the opportunity to Thylen company to promote its Cypriot solar systems and abroad.

Our mission at Thylen Solar System is to utilize our past experience of over 25 years combined with latest manufacturing technology and high quality materials to satisfy our customers needs for high-performance and reliable solar thermal systems.

Thylen Solar Systems client base

Includes Government, Architects, Engineering Contractors, Consultants, Designers, hotels and of course Individual Home Owners.