Quality of Distilled Water

Subject: Quality salted water from the Unit of Dhekelia
The Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) considers the issue of the quality of water supply, which comes from the Sewage Unit of Dhekelia, to be extremely important. OEB has received complaints from its Members regarding the aggressiveness of this water, which supplies water mainly to the free areas of the Famagusta District, which has a high pH and high concentrations of dissolved oxygen.
OEB understands the problems of drought facing Cyprus and the availability of sufficient quantities of water for water supply, however, a solution must be found soon, at least these areas should not be supplied with 100 ° / s of desalinated water.
Complaints focus on severe corrosion of pipes mainly from copper, but also other metal alloys due to the oxidation caused by desalinated water. In addition to the problems faced by small households, which are often forced to replace water pipes within two years, the same problems are faced by hotel units and all other businesses in the area, resulting in additional costs and unnecessary replacement work.
We believe that the issue is also affecting the Cyprus Solar Heating Industry, which is currently struggling to maintain its competitiveness. The impression is wrongly that the problems facing solar water systems due to corrosion are due to the poor quality of Cypriot products, and this impression must be reversed immediately.
We hope to address this very important issue immediately.

Official Response

The Department of Water Development wishes to inform all those who are supplied exclusively by desalinated water, which are mainly the free areas of the Municipality of Famagusta the following.

Due to the problems of drought and availability of drinking water, the free areas of the Famagusta District are supplied exclusively with desalinated water.

Long-term exclusive use of desalinated water may cause corrosion in copper pipes (including solar water heaters), but also other metal alloys, especially when the water is stagnant.

The Department of Water Development is making every effort to find a solution to the issue.

We look forward to resolving the issue and we remain at your disposal for clarification

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