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“Thylen” solar systems are manufactured in Cyprus with high quality materials and modern assembly techniques. The build quality, modern production equipment, highly trained staff and international certifications guarantee the superiority of our systems.

The certified quality management system according to the international standard EN ISO 9001:2015 is the guarantee that every product will always have the same outstanding quality that characterizes us. Believing in the need of the time for specialization, continuous development and advanced know-how since 2010 we became the first Cypriot company proceeded to certification family solar panels based on the European system of evaluation by the Solar Keymark standard EN 12975:2016+A1:2010.
Being green, saving energy resources, high performance and autonomy are only some from the objectives are achieved through THYLEN solar systems. Meeting the needs of domestic hot water needs is made throughout the year ecologically and economically.The wide ranges of our products cover every need! With systems that serve from the family home to the big hotel complexes we remain timeless one step ahead of market needs. Constantly evolving systems offering more and more efficient, more modern. In THYLEN systems no detail is left without consideration thus we use robotic welding machines of latest technology and modern assembly techniques.

Thylen Solar systems are assembled on terraces, roofs and any other surface having the ability to cover the demand for hot water (DHW) winter / summer.

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